Guangzhou Chinese/English Interpreter/Translator

Becoming a Chinese/English translator or interpreter in Guangzhou is an very enjoyable way to work and reside. Work hours are not defined like in a 9 to 5 job, rather it is a 24 hour cycle of individuals calling up at all various times of the day and night and weekend and weekday to organise the purchasing, checking, dispatch, documentation etc of all their goods. Sometimes the job involves being with overseas purchasers to assist show them around the city and assist them to meet factories and negotiate costs and terms of the contract. Occasionally the purchaser doesn’t even come to China, rather he just calls up and asks for certain products which then have to be found and dispatched.

Occasionally its fairly tough working in China because of the cultural and linguistical differences are truly quite big sometimes. China has numerous different provinces and each different province has its only dialect. Generally the younger generation of chinese people all speak the primary language of the nation which is mandarin. I’ve been learning mandarin for a couple of years and it is still tough. There are 5 various tones that have to be mastered, and each word is attached to a particular tone. If the word is pronounced with the wrong tone, it is very most likely that you won’t be understood or you will be misunderstood which can be truly problematic and frustrating at occasions. In the province of Guangzhou, which is Guangdong province, or in English Canton province, the nearby dialect is Cantonese. Numerous people around the globe are familiar with this language simply because so numerous Chinese migrants who have moved to other countries such as USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc have their roots in the Guangdong province.

I believe the purpose that the Guandong province has produced so numerous Chinese migrants more than time is because it is a coastal city, and as soon as belonged to Colonial Britain. Britain with its trade brought some wealth to the region which enabled its individuals to collect the funds to migrate. Britain also brought foreign culture to China which helped individuals to want to migrate overseas. Anyway mandarin is generally the language the Guangzhou translators translate from chinese to english to help their foreign customers organise the export of containers. I have been practicing my Mandarin and now it is good sufficient for me to communicate fluently with factories, shops, wholesalers etc. English is somewhat spoken in Guangzhou, though on a widespread level it is not really understood.

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