Precautionary steps for Yellowing of teeth

Yellowing of pearly whites is a very that almost all of you must either have experienced or seen. Staining or yellowing hinders the perfect spotless laugh and makes you not comfortable in public areas. The good media is that proper dental care care and tips can help you maintain the whiteness for a much longer period. Clean and shiny white teeth enhance your facial appearance and instill a great deal of confidence in you.

Dental Structure

Before learning about the complexities and precautionary measures for yellowing of the teeth, you must have a reasonable idea about the basic structure of a tooth. The outside layer of the dental is known as enamel. This provides protection by forming an external covering. This level is translucent and the tint is mainly provided by an underlying part called the dentin. Though the enamel is highly durable and helps in chewing and biting, it gets extra support from the dentin. The interior layers constitute the pulp cavity and root channel which include tissues, blood vessels vessels and nerves. The enamel and the dentin together are in charge of the white color of tooth.

Causes of yellowing

Presently there are various factors that affect teeth coloration. Planted causes such as genetic factors, sicknesses and medications cause discoloration. A heightened consumption of fluoride also ting the whiteness of your teeth. Sometimes, there could be bleeding within the pulp cavity due to a sudden shock and this blooding might leave stains. For such built-in yellowing or discoloration, you need to check with a dentist.

Apart from these causes, yellowing is induced due to various exterior factors. Tobacco chewing and smoking cause maximum yellowing. Beverages like tea and coffee are known for staining and quickening the yellowing process. Drinks that contain sodas also lead to discoloration. Certain food items like blueberries, wine, mi nombre es sauce, balsamic vinegar and food items containing safe to eat artificial colors trigger yellowness in teeth. Food items rich in iron can also affect your teeth color. Common stress medicines and antipsychotics are known to cause discoloration.


The best and most important step that you need to follow is an effective dental hygiene. Foods that provide discoloration need not be avoided completely. Nevertheless, make sure that you brush after having such foods and beverages. In the event that you are an user, you have to make a choice – either tobacco or pearly shiny white teeth. You cannot have both, although specially formulated toothpaste help up to a certain extent. Drink enough water after every meals as it helps in eliminating bacteria.

Flossing your mouth and gargling with a mouthwash remove the germs and food items from every possible spot. Baking soda is known for its cleansing properties and can be used while brushing to get back the whiteness of your teeth. Appropriate drinking water and hydrogen peroxide solution also helps in eliminating stains. You must make it a point to visit your dentist every 6 months for a dental cleaning. This will help your teeth to regain the natural whiteness.

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