Fiji Islands – A Tropical Paradise

An island paradise that has a total of about 322 islands in its variety and 116 of these are inhabited. The main population nevertheless lives on two major islands Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. The diving and snorkeling are great. The islands have fringes of coral in them. The real beauty of Fiji lies in its individuals and its all-natural beauty. 1 finds a diversity of culture in Fiji, The individuals there are from various races and backgrounds. They are influenced by Melanesian, Micronesian, Indian, Chinese and Polynesian cultures. The nearby people are in a minority. The people of Fiji are friendly and take kindly to foreigners, most likely because most of them came from other places themselves.

Fiji has a temperate climate and can be enjoyed the entire year nevertheless May to October is the dry season, and is the best time to go. The rains are infrequent throughout that time and the temperatures are some thing to escape to, from the strong winters of the Northern Hemisphere. The chances of obtaining a tropical cyclone in winter is low as are the rainfall and humidity. Most years Fiji has a stable climate thanks to the large expanse of water surrounding the islands. The windward sides of the mountains of Fiji invite the most rainfall. The tropical cyclones usually come in from November to May like unwelcome guests but do not do a lot damage.

Lapita settlers founded the islands about 1500 B.C. The Lapitas were a coastal fishing individuals who turned their emphasis onto agriculture. They also headed thousands of miles to Tonga Samoa. Cannibalism was a typical factor among the individuals there. In 1643 the first European sighted the islands of Fiji. There was an influx of missionaries in the middle 1800’s when they had been trying to convert the local people.

The Bouma National Heritage Park is strewn with natural beauty and has a couple of massive waterfalls. They have natural swimming pools that one can visit. The trails are a bit hairy but they have guardrails and resting points built which assist the weaker traveler. The birds at Colo-I-Suva are magical in their singing and the flowers will draw you in. You can go to the museum to see an array of interesting sights of the old jewelry, cannibal utensils and musical instruments. You will also find the Chiefs whale tooth necklaces and war apparatus. The parliament home in Fiji is marvelous. It was opened in 1992. The sand dunes of Sigatoka are a natural wonder that has to be seen to be appreciated. They have been forming for thousands of years and are of a grayish colour as opposed to sand dunes in Africa.

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